mother mary

Dear God, Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary and Archangels of Love & Light:

I call upon you now to heal and restore the planet. May you open my heart to unconditional love and joy in all situations of my life now. Let me understand others and let me be understood. Shower your blessings of miracles and miraculous manifestations upon my life and the lives of my loved ones today and everyday. As I go out to do your bidding, let me be blessed as I go in and a blessing as I go out. Show me what I am to do today. Enable me to have the vision and acceptance to understand your guidance, teachings and wisdom so that I may grow with you. You are the teachers in my life that I look to for the most guidance today.

If there is any darkness or doubt, please remind me that it is not real, not of you and remove it from my energy field immediately. Where there is Light, the dark cannot hide. Protect me and my loved ones with your pure, heavenly love. Surround us with your golden white, bright shining light of protection now and always. As I navigate through my day, may I always remember to check-in with you for guidance, direction and clarity.

Thank you so much, God, Jesus and Mother Mary, for your blessings and love. I love you so much. I can feel you in my heart and soul granting so many miracles and offering so much love. Thank you for loving us so much and for guiding and protecting all of Earth and the cosmos. Your love is amazing, beautiful and wonderful. We are so blessed to know you.

As the energy of heaven pours into the world through the crown and heart chakras, we feel you blessing us with radiant beams of pure white light. This light fills every cell of our bodies with new, vibrant, creative energy. We can feel the body being renewed and regenerated through your power and love. The frequency of body is now elevated and renewed.

We visualize a grounding cord going into the Earth, anchoring us deep into Mother Earth. This cord is pale pink and goes deep into Mother Earth. We clearly see the Divine Light coming from heaven, traveling through our crown and heart chakras and going deep into the Earth, where it settles and grounds with love.

Affirm: We are the light carriers. Our purpose is to bring light to the Earth and its inhabitants everyday. We spread love and light to all we encounter everyday. With this intention in mind, it is made manifest and it is so.

Thank you, God, Jesus and Mother Mary for this Divine healing today and everyday.

We thank the archangels who are always with us, delivering the messages and helping to bring forth clarity and vision.

Thank you archangels for being with us today. We are grateful for your power, presence and miraculous blessings of love, gratitude and healing. We love you so much!




Dear God, Jesus and AA Gabriel,

Please work with and through me as I embark on my writing today. Help me to be a clear channel for the Divine. May I clearly hear, see, feel and know the messages of the Divine as they come through me in my writing. Help me to accurately transcribe these messages so that they may be easily understood by all. Let me access my Higher Self’s wisdom and guidance as I embark upon writing and easily work with my Higher Self in order to write what you would have me to today.

In meditation before writing, help me to process ideas and brainstorm with a gentle flow. As I go throughout the writing process, be with me God, Jesus and AA Gabriel, making sure I am following Your Will and Way. Please make sure that the information and words are heaven sent. Please make sure that I am following the path of the Divine.

Thank you so much for working with me today. Make me an instrument through which I may serve you Father. May Love guide my hands and inspire my heart.

Thank you God, Jesus, and AA Gabriel for always working through me. As I plug-in to you, I plug-in to the Source of all Love, creativity and inspiration and I am blessed.

For all of these blessings, I am so grateful.

With love and thanks,


prayer bead buddha

Holy Medicine Buddha,

Heal my heart and mind. Help me to understand that I must go with my heart and not my mind. Help me to turn off my mind and feel with my heart.

This day I offer to you as a blessing and an opportunity to live a full life. May your medicine be with me to teach and guide me today.

I salute you, Medicine Buddha, for your healing heart and your enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. As I walk the path, I seek to be compassionate to all beings and practice the way of the Buddha.

There is a Buddha in us all and knowing this Buddha can help us to live a better life. Today and everyday, I make friends with this Buddha and allow this part of me to guide and direct my way.

I practice non-judgement, peace, tolerance and sacrifice today. This is good medicine for me. I seek to help others today and be of service wherever I can to those less fortunate, to those who are suffering. This, too, is good medicine.

When we are selfless and in service, we are in the light of the Divine and we are better able to receive wisdom, clarity and the good karma upon us. As I walk with my Brothers and Sisters today, I will seek only to love them unconditionally from the heart of unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and all that is good.

Today, I walk with the Medicine Buddha beside, within, and through me. I am a Medicine Buddha today. Today my blessings are abound and ripe to bless me and those whom I encounter.

I am a powerful healer today and always.




Beloved Archangel Michael,

Thank you for being with me and blessing my life. Please show me what my next right action step is. Help me to know everything there is to know about my Divine Life Purpose on Earth at this time. Help me to take charge of my life NOW. Please vacuum away all negative debris in my aura and life and transmute it into higher frequencies. Cut all cords that are blocking me from my Divine Life Purpose in this lifetime and help me to understand that this is what is best. Cut all cords to other people, situations, and energy that are bringing my energy down. Let my soul learn those lessons quickly, gracefully and effortlessly so that I may progress on my life path with ease and grace.

Be with me AA Michael when I am sad, scared or confused and help me to know the truth of the situation. Help to bring clarity to those moments and help me to shift quickly out of those emotions, knowing that those emotions are not the truth of reality. Help me AA Michael to be the best person, healer and Lightworker possible. Teach me the ways of the love and light angels and celestial beings and help my energy to remain at a high frequency.

Bring like-minded individuals into my life who I can support, care for and love and who will do the same for me. Please cleanse my aura daily and make it sparkle with your light and love and the light and love of Source.

Balance, ground, shield and protect my chakras and energy centers each morning when I awake and each night as I retire to bed. Surround my home and car with your mighty light and protection. Add your protective light and rays to each of my friends and family. Let them feel your overwhelming love, presence and safety as they go throughout their lives.

Be a guardian of hope, peace, joy and love to me and all who come into contact with me. You are a mighty archangel and your love endures forever. I thank you for the opportunity to work with you in this lifetime. You are my friend, my teacher, my companion, my angel and so much more. My gratitude is endless for the works you have performed.

Thank you for serving the one true God: Jesus, the Christ.

In His Name, I bless and honor Thee.

Thank you so much, AA Michael.

I love you!




Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your constant, unfailing, unconditional love that fills our lives everyday. Thank you for your Truth, Grace, Mercy, kindness and for gently teaching us how to exude these qualities in our lives. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who comforts and consoles us as we mourn, grieve and feel through our sadness, reminding us that we are never alone.

Thank you Holy Spirit for your daily direction as we tune into you. Thank you, Father, for all the glorious and abundant blessings in my life and for leading me into my life’s Divine direction and path, making sure I am constantly on a path of service to You. Thank for life and its living, this day and all the days of my existence. I praise You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for you are the Holy Trinity guiding and protecting my life and the planet.

I pray for peace, love, joy and happiness: in my own inner life and for the inner lives of all people so that the world may truly know peace. I pray for Divine solutions, inspirations and epiphanies for myself and for those in positions to help change the energy of Earth and its population. I pray for more enlightened beings to come into those positions of power to help manifest positive changes. I see our future as You do Lord: bright, abundant, whole, clean and pure. In envisioning this future, I see and feel more love and enlightenment in the world than ever before.

Thank you, Jesus, for filling the Earth with your power, energy, resources and regeneration. Only You can heal the broken. Only Your love can transform the dark. In you, our works are made holy.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the great teacher of love, prayer and sacrifice.

Today I begin again, as I do every morning, to fill my soul spirit with You. I listen for Your words and read them, too, trusting (in faith) that You are the way, the Truth and the light.

God Bless Us All,


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