Listless days and sleepless nights

These are the times of courage and quarantine

Lockdown with no certain end in sight

We are all a little mad now

Grieving our former life and self

Settling with an open heart to a new space

Time goes round and with it our minds

Circling around a new forever

Stumbling along the way


Forever looking 4 a pair of glasses

I can’t see clearly anymore as life passes

So still and effortlessly

Fluid, flow, fucking crazy

Nightmares of torture sneak in subconsciously

It is the collective crying righteously

Look beside me and you’re not there

I’m alone but not lonely and if I were

I’d want you there beside me

If we held onto love it would never leave

Look to the sky to see

There is only me

There is only you

In a charade behind a veil of illusion

I am here with you now in this confusion

But know that Love will blind us all

Showing, teaching us to crawl

Look for my glasses beside me

Put them on and look to the sky

Somewhere in there is where you are

And it’s perfectly aligning in the stars

Earth Day/New Moon 2020

Under the darkness of the new moon we begin to see the light from Mother teaching us her ways and needs. She shows us what is possible when we work together and change our lifestyles to better accommodate her. Even then it isn’t enough. We must return to the dirt, to the soil and ground of our planet and through ritual and respect honor her. She is in reprieve, breathing again. Her pulse is in us and as a people its our job to treat her as sacred everyday.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together … all things connect.” —Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle

The Song of Chief Seattle

You are Divine

In the spheres of light, all souls are tranquil, with shining, Godlike faces. Every piece of work is executed perfectly, and the effort of all is applied to further the happiness of the community. Always, in your inner selves and in your quiet moments, you can rise into this perfect life, and receive from those who dwell there the inspiration to live likewise on earth. Don’t make the excuse that you are only human. With all the force of the truth that is in us, we say, that you are divine.

from The Quiet Mind. Sayings of White Eagle.

*This is for Jackie G, my Divine Friend.