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Ode to the Battle Hymn

My mind has been with cosmic consciousness, with His.
No more time to play with Catcher in the Rye today;
The hunger on this planet, the wars in this world,
His truth will be made known and you will heed it.
Glory to His plan as I feed it! Glory, glory!
Glory to His plan, I’m a believer.

The towers fell and my nation did too that day.
We all lost something along the way;
Friends, loved ones, dreams and innocence.
He is calling us home, can you hear Him?
Glory, glory to his name, he is my savior.
Glory, glory to his heart, he does love us.
I feel my maker bridging the gap between us
And it feels like things are changing.

Glory, glory, can you do something more
To make your world a better place?
Then do it now says the voice of the Lord
And heaven will be on its way.
Standing in the light with the truth shining bright
Feeling the lightening of his ever present grace
I believe the final days will make us all believe
That His truth and love are what we only needed.

Believe in yourself and believe in plant Earth
Cosmic consciousness and togetherness, for all its worth,
Feel the dawning of the New Age Covenant
2012 and quantum leaps are soon to be the newest thing.
But recall His glory and remember it never fails,
The glory of the coming of His glory
I have felt!

New and Full Moon The 4 Seasons

Annular Solar Eclipse 2010

Angels, God and Faith New and Full Moon The 4 Seasons

New Moon

This New Moon may Haitians everywhere have peace, lasting peace in their homeland. May all suffering nations be freed into peace, their true state of being and may the abundance of the world fall into the grace of the Lord and shed its lasting miracle of sustainable peace into the world. Blessed be. And so it is. Amen.

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New and Full Moon

Once Upon A Blue Moon….

Angels, God and Faith

Happy Kwanzaa!

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Celtic Season of the Birch

The green man tree oracle says, “a good beginning leads to a good conclusion”. It reminds me of that saying, “first impressions are everything”. Make a good start and what you are undertaking will end well, it goes on to say. “Awen”, the moment of inspiration, paying attention to it, is a good place to start. Make the beginning of any new enterprise a clean and fresh one.

As the New Year is almost upon us, I’m thinking of endings and beginnings mixed with the tremendous amount of love and festivities around me. It’s a bit of a mixed state. Clearing the clutter to hear the guidance of new vision can be a daunting task this time of year. Yet, it’s an essential task to moving forward and making the fresh beginnings we so desperately yearn for.

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An Ode to The Great Invocation

An Ode to the Great Invocation

From the Consciousness of Jesus, His Light:
May His Way, become mine,
And his word fulfilled on Earth.
From the Heart of Mary, Her Love:
Let her warmth fill my heart and Earth-
May I honor all light and Love.
In the middle of all knowingness,
May a higher purpose bring Me
To way-showers: Saints and Masters.
From the center of our humanity
May our greatest destiny BE
And fulfill our purpose of heaven on Earth.

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With all this rain
It must be Winter
In all the dark
Between the clouds
We are in the season
Of Winter this year

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Children and Family Music Video

Return to Innocence

This is the music I did my last technical, theatrical performance to. It was with my triplet sister and we had a theme. I was the lead dancer of a crew of Native Americans and she was the lead dancer of a crew of American soldiers. We started out as curious friends who got to know one another and quickly battled fiercely and in the end, her and I posed in a Jaketi (sp?) stretch holding hands. It was an amazing well choreographed and performed piece. I’m trying to get a video of it. It is one of the last great memories I have with my sister and that was over a decade ago. Letting go can be hard. This new moon, I’m returning to my innocence and healing those parts of me that miss her by letting her go with forgiveness and openness. I’m forgiving myself for hurting her and hoping with faith that someday it can and will be different.