The Night Fairy

The Night Fairy

What we’re reading in my 3rd grade ELD class this Spring! We just finished Chapter Two. It’s about a little night fairy that hates bats. Well, she should, one of them broke her wings and now she has scars. She is living in an old giantess’ garden in a cedar birdhouse. She just discovered her stinging spell by stinging a squirrel! This action packed tale interlaced with perfectly timed imagry paintings has all of our imaginations flying with Flory.

Palm Sunday, 2010

Through the crowd and the woman touching your hem
You knew your destiny and loved through it despite it
To serve your Father in Heaven: you obeyed Him
The cherubs were there with you, guiding you
Your love is unfounded in this Universe
I marvel at you, Lord, and your love,
Your tender and gentle love,
Without end or beginning,
Still here now,
In Palms,

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

I celebrated today and the time shift by planting this with my daughter. She added the ducks and bowling pin because she said the flowers needed company. The soil ended up a little too moist but hopefully we’ll continue to have some sunshine and the container will dry itself out a bit. The fun part was mixing the soil with the water/miracle grow/plant food mix in the wheelbarrow and then pouring it into the planting beds. Then, we dug holes and planted. It was a comfortable, sunny day in the Bay and I’m currently still enjoying the whether.