Return to Innocence

This is the music I did my last technical, theatrical performance to. It was with my triplet sister and we had a theme. I was the lead dancer of a crew of Native Americans and she was the lead dancer of a crew of American soldiers. We started out as curious friends who got to know one another and quickly battled fiercely and in the end, her and I posed in a Jaketi (sp?) stretch holding hands. It was an amazing well choreographed and performed piece. I’m trying to get a video of it. It is one of the last great memories I have with my sister and that was over a decade ago. Letting go can be hard. This new moon, I’m returning to my innocence and healing those parts of me that miss her by letting her go with forgiveness and openness. I’m forgiving myself for hurting her and hoping with faith that someday it can and will be different.

Blue Moon Month

As the Poet I Was, So Artist Are We

As the child I was
So alien I am
Voices speak
With cut-off tongues
To those brave
Enough to hear.

As the girl I was
So boy I am
Genders unite
In open minds
To those strong
Enough to feel.

As the white I was
So rainbow I am
Colors blend
To those painting
Enough to merge.

AS the human I was
So universal I am
Worlds collide
To those living
Enough to transcend.

As the all I was
So nothing am I
Spirit soars
Through all energy
Enough to know.

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon Calling Forth Prayer

Calling forth the North, East, South, West, Above, Below and Within;
Calling forth White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and Morning Star Woman;
Calling forth the Elders of Nations and Wisdom Keepers of the Land;
Calling forth Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun;
Calling forth Spirit Guides and Spirit Helpers, Angels and Archangels;
Calling forth the Stone People, the Animal Kingdom, Plant Nation and Totems;
Calling forth Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdaline, Joseph;
Calling forth all Saints and Saint Helpers;
Calling forth the Pope, the Dali Lama and all Master Holy Beings on the planet now;
Calling forth the Creator:
May this Full Moon bring Peace, Love and Joy to all the World.

El Dia De Los Muertos

As All Saints Day and All Souls Day are upon us and as El Dia de Los Muertos rituals and prayers are being said, I think of my own departed loved ones and offer up this prayer:

To my Grandmothers: Nana and Grandma
To my Grandfathers: Poppy and Grandpa
I offer you my eternal love and gratitude
For your guidance and counsel in this life
And in the hereafter, I shall seek you, as I do now.
Thank you for your continued blessings and kindness.
Thank you for your life lessons of enduring love,
Hard work, gentle ways and wise warrior spirits.
I light a candle for you four today and send you
My love and my memories of your greatness.
May we always be connected in spirit and heart,
And may I see you again in the next life.
Blessings to you and peace to you- now and always.

The coming of…

My intentions evolve under this waxing moon as we approach Halloween and All Saint’s Day Festivities. My seed words are: independence, infusion, inspection, and inspiration. What are your seed words and how are they designed to help you move forward?

Independence: I wish to feel more free to be the me I am destined to be and become.

Infusion: I want to infuse my body with love and kindness. I wish to be whole and healthy and feel complete always, not just when the season’s nice.

Inspection: I wish to inspect my life and stear clear of harmful interactions.

Inspiration: I wish to be Divinely inspired at home and at work and in life, always. I want to know what is to be living a constant walk with the Creator, in constant prayer for the greater good.

Blessings this Moon Before the Dark!

Waning New

YouTube – Elijah Prophet – Mother Nature (King of Kings)

As Japan’s typhoon reminents blow with a strong front onto the Bay Area and across California tonight and all day tomorrow, we will see a strong early storm; a storm we haven’t seen this early in the season in 46 years. I take this time, this quiet before the storm, to honor Mother Nature, and her power. I vow to do my part to protect and nourish her back to health. I vow to listen to her teachings and to learn from her. As the seasons grow stronger in temperature, I feel myself growing stronger in force to merge with her, grow with her, and help her rise.