YouTube – Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

sitting in a booth in oakland, east bay
reading a book and it sure looks good
california you never felt so good
with your sleeves of song
and your quilts of kindness

reading the news and it looks bad
no money anywhere here
we’re last on the list in school
no jobs to speak of anywhere
it all just seems so hopeless

but then that stranger sees my glare
he gives a warm smile to the loneliness
and puts one on my face back
it’s just that way here it seems
when it all looks bad, someone smiles

oh california, my home and precious land
your beaches soothe my spirit
the sand takes my memos and reads them
and the oceans accepts my fallen sticks
I just couldn’t love you much more

california, I’m staying home
california, I’m glad you’re home
california, the best is yet to come

August New Moon of Delight

Other names for this moon: Herb Moon; Barley Moon; Corn Moon.

As Summer winds down and Autumn begins to inch in, transition is seen early in the leaves this year in Northern California. My Japanese Maple is already turning shades of brown. I, too, am pondering change as Summer comes to a close and Autumn shows it’s early signs.

This New Moon, I wish for health: for me, my family and friends. I put our garden “Buddha” (we call him Buddha but it’s really not Buddha, it’s an Indian god) on my New Moon altar along with my mountain rock and silver rocks in my Poppy’s medicine bowl. The board, or mat, is the cutting board from our kitchen that was there throughout my childhood but had since become a “garden board”. The center bowl is filled with purified water, essential oils and rose petals, along with alchemy stones. The entire altar is placed facing Mt. Diablo at the South end of our backyard. The Indian god is facing North. My prayer for this month’s New Moon in Leo is for healing and health.

Enjoying the Summer Toddler Moon – from ecomii blogs

Wow! I guess this is my twin or something! Read on:

When I was 7 months pregnant, I was throwing up everyday. I mean not just everyday but like, three to four times a day. That’s right. It was about equivalent to what and when I ate. My little baby womb was not having it. Not even crackers or water. I took nausea pills everyday and they sort of helped, but not much. It was like 9 months of motion sickness and drunkeness beyond parallel of any sailor. To make matters worse, I was living in Sacramento with my mother-in=law. Of course, it had to be Summer, too. When I did get a chance to take in the moon, it was a moment of ecstasy beyond description. I was serene. I was peaceful. I wasn’t barfing.

I had edited a national magazine, freelanced and ghost written for years and now it had come to pass: the childbearing years were upon me. All I can remember now are hot flashes, backaches, wobbling, puking, migraines, and not being able to eat anything. I was ready for Winter, and her birth, to arrive.

Skip a leap, and she’s already almost 3. Okay, she’s really 2.5. Actually, she’s 31 months. Who’s counting and how, really? We do everyday. We count apples and bananas. We count crackers, cups, socks, shoes, fingers, toes.

But what we like to do most under the moon is read. Read stories or tell stories that stem from an idea, or an inspiration. We talk about what those mean, too. I love Jamie Curtis’ book on those “Big Words” that little ones LOVE to use properly, or not so properly.

Our other most favorite activity to do under the moon is to “moonwalk” in the backyard garden. We talk about what we see and describe it. A sort of “I Spy” game. We also talk about what we see in the night’s sky, what the weather’s like, the day we had, shapes we see, colors, count things, and then count some more things.

When it’s warm, we pitch a tent and sleep on the backyard lawn. If it’s really warm, we just throw down a tarp and some sleeping bags and quilts while we look up at the sky and dream. Summer time moonlite night’s are like that: dreamy. They get those story time inspirational ideas flowing. They’re great for sparking meaningful dialogue between you and your little tyke. A dialogue that molds a mind, shapes a future and creates a dream…

I am taking the time, as my collegue writes, to “enjoy the Summer Toddler Moon” months and years. They are so utterly precious and magical.