Time Enough

This is a day of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Whenever I seem to be running out of time to do what I need to do, I take a reality check. Starting with this simple observation: There is the same amount of minutes and hours in each day. Check! I am the “master” of my time because I can make choices. Check! I have no reason to feel out of control as I look forward to the next few hours or days. Check!

I gain confidence about being the authority over my time by first starting my day with prayer. Centered and relaxed, I don’t fight time; I go with the flow. I think with clarity and act efficiently. I know when to say yes and when to say no. I feel composed, and my day flows smoothly.
But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing.”–Luke10:41-42

Ten Faith-Thoughts During the Trails in Your Life

by Dr. Charles Stanley

1. God is in control of the time and intensity of the trial.

2. God has a specific purpose for my trial.

3. This trial is designed to meet a specific need.

4. This trail will be good for me if I respond in faith.

5. This trail can strengthen my faith.

6. The trail is an opportunity to demonstrate preserverance.

7. This trail will develop Christ-likeness in me.

8. This trail will help me measure my spiritual maturity.

9. God will walk me through my trail.

10. By God’s grace and power, I will overcome this trail.

Wouldn’t it all come out better if we remembered these ten “faith-thoughts” during the trails and valleys of our lives? As we enter those dark places where we come face-to-face with ourselves and the deepest parts of our wounded nature, we must remember that God put us there and will see us through, for the better. He will strengthen us through these “trials and tests” through endurance. He will walk with us and be our guide, counselor and friend during the most lonely times of our lives. He is there, if we only call out for Him. He is in control of how it all works out. We actually are better off wanting it that way. For He has our best interests at heart. He wants the best for His children. Whatever “test or trial” you are going through, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Christ is with you, guarding and guiding you. There is a purpose and direction He is leading you to through your trial. It is not meaningless. It is not meant to be cruel to you. It is meant to demonstrate your growth and development. Is your trail something grand or small? Where is the Lord in the midst of it? Where have you placed Him? That says a lot about how you’ve grown spiritually. Where is your faith? What are you praying for? Who are you praying with and for? Can you envision yourself the victor and not the victim? That says a lot about how you will overcome the problem. If you can’t see a way out or over it yet, ask Him to show you. He will gently lead you to a solution. The Lord does not want His children to suffer. He does want us to learn how to deny self and flesh, though. He teaches us this so that we are better able to deny the enemy. There are three: the flesh, the world and the devil. We must deny them all. They are not for us. Their job is to ultimately destroy, kill and slaughter us. The Lord is molding us into his vision for us, which is compassion, forgiveness and love. We must be able to withstand the valleys and darkness to make it to the light. These ten faith-thoughts during the trials in your life will help you see that although life is tough, it doesn’t have to be unreasonable difficult, if you have the right state of mind. If you keep your thoughts positive and stay in your God-given state of grace and joy, life can be an adventurous journey of maintaining your freedom to be happy. Dare to dream and live in joy!!!!

Happy Fall, almost!



The Autumn Equinox occurs on Friday, September 23rd this year and I couldn’t be happier! Fall signifies a time of harvest and transition for me and for the world. I love this time of year, as school resumes and preparation for the latter Fall and Winter holidays begin. Can you believe we’ve already decorated for Halloween? We decorated on Labor Day! I guess you could say we pushed the envelope on that one, after all, we should have been celebrating laborers for their laboring. But, I have a four year-old who is excited as all get-out over Halloween this year and we didn’t decorate last year so, hey, what the heck, right? Actually, we plan on adding more decorations in October. When it is actually the month of the darn holiday. I’m sure my neighbors are thrilled with us…NOT! I’ll have to make it up to the neighborhood kids by giving out good candy. I hear Snickers is still the running favorite so, we’ll get bite size Snickers. After Friday, I think everyone gets that harvest, Fall energy going and it officially becomes Christmas shopping season for everyone, if it hasn’t already. My daughter’s birthday is in December, too, so that adds even more shopping to be done. I can smell the turkey and ham, the cookies and candy… I don’t know why but I’m really anxious for the holidays this year and am so looking forward to them! Can you all believe it’s going to be 2012 in like 3 months? I guess we’re here to stay. After all, the Mayans just were ran off and didn’t get to finish their calendar anyway but I do believe something transitional and enlightening will happen in 2012 to signify their transition as to why they didn’t continue the calendar. Change is in the air and I’m looking forward to it! I expect positive results and positive outcomes. Positive thoughts create them! Hope you all have a great equinox and Fall season.





Jesus Empowerment for September

The Christ

As we attune to the Jesus energy this month, I find myself keeping my Reiki journal with ease. Each morning I write the Reiki Principles down. I’ve decided to do this for forty days. It’s in conjunction with a 40-day plan for prosperity I’m doing with John Randolf Price and his Abundance Book. In his book, for forty days, you must write one of ten principles down each day and repeat them four times, making forty days.

I’m learning to rely on Source as Source. I am learning to walk a softer road of compassion, to take each day as a new dawn, a chance to begin again.

Christ is present as a presence in my life, the Holy Spirit guiding me through each day. It helps to take time in the morning to connect with this Presence and commune with Him. This time centers me for the day and lays the foundation for all of my interactions for the rest of the day.

Christ is our greatest teacher, friend, helper, counselor, confidant and healer. Since He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omnipotent, He is the I AM that we always seek. Lean on the Holy Spirit and trust in it to guide you through this life.

When in doubt, remember to call out, “Abba, Father!” for it is from this witness perspective that we remember we are join heirs with Christ, our Lord and Savior!


The Reiki Principles

The Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

The Five Reiki Principles


I – Just for today, I will not be angry.

Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world, creates serious blockages in one’s energy. It is the most complex inner enemy.

Reiki is an excellent tool to remove anger blockages which have accumulated in the body over years, but it cannot remove the residue of current anger which occurs daily.

Letting go of anger, brings peace into the Mind.

II – Just for today, I will not worry.

While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with future ones. Although worry is not always a negative phenomena, endless worries may fill one’s head, and each one bores a small hole in one’s body and soul. While anger requires a focused Reiki treatment to remove obstacles, worry requires the energy to be spread throughout the entire body.

Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body.

III – Just for today, I will be grateful.

Be grateful from your heart. Inner intention is the important element in this principle. Simple things as thanks, forgiveness, smile, good words, gratitude can improve others life and make them happy.

Being thankful, brings Joy into the Spirit.

IV – Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Support yourself and your family respectably, without harming others. Earn a respectable living, live a life of honor.

Working honestly, brings abundance into the Soul.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Honor your parents, honor your teachers, honor your elders.

Being kind, brings Love into the Will.

Dragonfly Morning

This morning as my girlfriend and I were eating breakfast, a dragonfly of unusual size, swooped down and landed on my balcony rod-iron railings. At first, I thought it was a butterfly. But upon closer examination, we realized it was a dragonfly. We got some distant shots of the wing-span at first (see middle picture) and then ventured out onto the patio. We got brave. We crawled out there and got some great shots of him up close (see top and bottom pics). We talked with him and he responded by looking at us and tilting his head sideways. He stayed for over five minutes! It was incredible. He had a twig in his hand and appeared to be munching on his own breakfast. He did not seem afraid at all. He only flew away when caught a glimpse of Lily, my kitten, who found her way out to the balcony with us. Then, he left quite quickly. Dragonfly means “illusion” and knowing who you really are. It seems God and the angels are sending us a powerful sign to know who you are and to stand in faith in your conviction about who you are and to break through illusions and the separations and barriers between you and God and your own inner knowing about who and what you are. You are a divine being. You are a child of God. You have a divine mission and purpose. That inner knowing is being asked to come to the surface and be made manifest now. As Steven Farmer writes, “Once you acknowledge the truth, then you’ll know what to do. And by that acknowledgement and acceptance, you accept the truth of who you are.” Additional Associations with dragonfly: Colorfulness; Mirage; Mystery; Deception (Perception Deception). The masks that we wore as a child served us to a certain point. As we become awakened, we realized those masks don’t work. Once we surrender to God, only then can our lives change. It’s about surrender and letting go and letting God. When we let go of worry and take hold of faith, we become a new creature full of joy, peace and grace. We no longer live in double-mindedness, which comes from the Greek word “worry”. There is no reason to worry. If your faith is strong, and you trust God to work everything out to His will, which is for your highest of good and for the highest of good of everyone involved, then ultimately you can’t worry. You have to choose to trust and believe. “For who shall ever believe upon the Lord, God will work ALL things out for your good.”