Stuck at 23

Lately I’ve been thinking that I’m alone That nothing will ever change or get better My hair is long and tangled around inside Like my insides feel and outsides look I’m surely stuck at that boy when 23 There are showdowns and fights in my head tonight I’m looking the past into it’s face squarelyContinue reading “Stuck at 23”


  Dear God/dess:❤🙏 You promised and I believe you. I trust in Your plan but can you throw a girl a rainbow 🌈 ?! It’s time. Thanks, God. AMEN. P.S.- YOU ROCK.☀✝

If I… In this life and In this space.

If I die today, know I loved you Know I loved you yesterday And all the yesterday’s prior And that I will love you more With every tick of the clock Moving us into tomorrow. If I stare too long at you Treasuring you in this moment It’s because I have such love For youContinue reading “If I… In this life and In this space.”

Turning Illusions: First poem

On Knowing Know me first as first as human: I breathe, I move, I think I eat, I bleed, I feel I sleep, I work, I cry. Know me second as wo/man: I’m palpable, I’m soft, I’m sensitive I’m hard, I’m breakable, I’m concrete I’m intangible, I’m abstract, I’m poetic. Know me next as aContinue reading “Turning Illusions: First poem”


I can sense the light of the sun beaming into me. I can feel the root of Mother Earth anchoring me. Grandmother moon reflects our ancient story. I let my mind witness itself. I see that my mind is pure, clean and happy. I cleanse my mind and clear it with light and love. IContinue reading “***MOTHER EARTH MEDICINE***”