Full Moon Calling Forth Prayer

Calling forth the North, East, South, West, Above, Below and Within; Calling forth White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and Morning Star Woman; Calling forth the Elders of Nations and Wisdom Keepers of the Land; Calling forth Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun; Calling forth Spirit Guides and Spirit Helpers, Angels and Archangels; Calling forth the StoneContinue reading “Full Moon Calling Forth Prayer”

The Full Blood Moon

Picture by Seawitch Artist Fibroids are no joke and when I got “diagnosed” with them two years ago, I didn’t know they wouldn’t be gone until after menopause. I’m in my early thirties and my Mom didn’t go through menopause until her early fifties. 20 year situation. The good news for now is that theContinue reading “The Full Blood Moon”

A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon

This early September Full Moon, I post a February sunset to recall winter’s beautiful skies that are coming soon. The storms bring darkness, but with it comes the miraculous return of the spectacular light. As another hot spell winds down tonight, I am reminded of this light shift, of this weather change, of the freshContinue reading “A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon”

Full Moon Mandala Visualization

I am completely whole, healthy and happy. My body and all its cells are renewed now with the light and source of love. I visualize my body as completely healthy and free from all toxins. I am health. I am healthy. My family and friends are complete and whole and healthy. We interact in harmoniousContinue reading “Full Moon Mandala Visualization”

August New Moon of Delight

Other names for this moon: Herb Moon; Barley Moon; Corn Moon. As Summer winds down and Autumn begins to inch in, transition is seen early in the leaves this year in Northern California. My Japanese Maple is already turning shades of brown. I, too, am pondering change as Summer comes to a close and AutumnContinue reading “August New Moon of Delight”