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Source of All Blessings

Source of All Blessings
I am Grateful
for My life
for the Blessings
My breath
the beating of My heart

Source of All Blessings
I am Grateful
for Beloved Ones who
share life with me
those in our world beside me
and those in worlds beyond my knowing

Source of All Blessings
I am Grateful
to share life with our Human Family
Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh
May we walk gently upon our Earth

Source of All Blessings
I am Grateful
to be one with All Creation
the flight of birdwings
the swirling of blueshoals oceans deep
the runnings of wilderness creatures
the sway of forests green

Source of All Blessing
I am Grateful
to be part of the spiraling
of all space and time
beyond my imagination
Yes and again Yes I am grateful
to always be here
where else could I go?
For all this and more
I am Grateful

By: Rabbi Warren Stone

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You are Energy and are fully responsible for what you bring to this planet.

If you agree with hate, divisiveness, racism, etc. you are fully contributing to the problem.

If you support “the wall”, the taking away of our affordable health care and placing full restrictions on abortion and birth control (telling women what to do with their bodies) you are operating from a primordial mindset that will not progress anyone.

If you support pipelines, you are soiling and contaminating drinking water in the USA for everyone.

Trump did all these things in his first few days in office. This is not only sad for our country but for the planet.

You may be the elite, the rich and the high-uppers but the people down below who care about each other and the planet are cautioning you. Firmly. Take heed or suffer the consequences.

We all will.

I urge you to find your compassion, your gentleness and your courage to face what’s ahead and to take guided action toward peaceful resolutions that can help fix or reverse actions taken against humanity and the planet.

Powerful prayer, group meditation and signing petitions are one way to start. You may also want to join in a march, organize a fundraiser or donate to a political charity.

Also, volunteering for your favorite political party is always needed and handing out informational flyers can help educate people.

Whatever you feel guided to do- be sure to take action so that you can follow your guidance without delay. Often times, we follow the first set of guidance instructions and then another set will come!

Be blessed. Be inspired. Be well.

Be bold. Be brave. Be free.

Love wins.

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Dear God:

Teach me to remember that You are my help and my shield always. Let me rely on You and not on this world. As we go inward to commune with you, let us feel Your holy presence and be soothed by the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Beginning each day with prayer, we trust that You will guide, guard and protect us and our loved ones throughout the day; that You will align our will with Your higher will for us. We also trust that You will light our path, Father, and show us the way You would have us go. Help us to be of service today to the broken and hurting. Let us minister to those who need to hear Your word today and to each other, fellow believer who might need a word of encouragement. Melt our hearts and mold them into Your way, truth and light. Allow us to remain open, flexible and teachable everyday. Grant us your mercy for we desperately need it, Lord.

Bless this planet and all of its inhabitants. Bless the nature kingdom and heal and restore this most glorious Earth You have created, Lord. We trust in Your Divine plan, timing and order, Lord. We let go of what we do not understand in this world and simply give it to you, Father. Your way, Your truth, Your light will not lead us astray. Together we pray for a new dawn, a new beginning and a new chapter to unfold for humanity but Father, You already know what is best for us so we humbly rest in Your loving hands and say thank you. Thank You for this gift of life. Thank You for our lessons and thank You for our joys. Thank You for love, compassion and for Your glorious Son who saves us all. What an amazing Lord you are. We praise and lift your name on high. We just celebrate You everyday for we are lost without you, Lord. So, thank you for loving us first and for continuing to love us no matter what.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,


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10 Prayer Focus’ from Stormie :)

Prayer Focus 1: Worship and Praise God for Who He Is

I praise God because He is worthy of my praise.

I praise God because it brings me into His Presence.

I praise God because He hears my prayers.

I praise God because it brings pleasure to my soul.

I praise God because He does so much for me.

I praise God because He guides me in all things.

I praise God because He delivers and sets me free.

I praise God because He saves me in every possible way.

I praise God because He protects me in times of trouble.

I praise God because He heals me and gives me life.

Prayer Focus 2: Declare God to be Lord over Your Life

“Jesus, be Lord over every area of my life.”

“Not my will, but Yours be done, Lord”

“Lord, is there any part of my heart or life that I have not fully surrendered to You?”

God wants to share Himself with you, but you must be open to sharing every part of your being with Him.

Every day declare Jesus to be Lord over every area of your life. Instruct your heart to not bow before anyone or anything else but the Lord of your life.

Be Lord over my mind, thoughts, attitude, and emotions. Be Lord over my work, finances, giving and spending. Be Lord over the way I use my time. Be Lord over all my relationships, my marriage, and my children. Be Lord over my plans, decisions, career and ministry. Be Lord over my health, habits and the words I speak. Be Lord over my dreams, fears, and the future. I proclaim you Lord over all my life.

Prayer Focus 3: Invite God to be in Charge of your Day

Ask Him to order your steps, clear your path, cover your back, and be in charge of your day.

Whatever you have ahead of you today that concerns you, no matter how little of the day is left, tell God about it. Describe to Him all the ways you want Him to bless your day and ask Him for guidance and assistance through it. Don’t leave out anything. If it is important enough to concern you in any way, then it is important enough to bring before the Lord, for He cares about all that you care about.

Ask God to help you speak words that bring life to everyone who hears them. Ask him to fill your heart with His Word and His love.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your heart afresh each day with more of Him and His nature so that what comes our of your mouth blesses others and glorifies God.

Invite God to be in charge of your day and ask Him to bring order and success in all that you do. When you do that, you will have a day filled with greater peace and a sense of accomplishment.

Lord, I commit my day to You and ask You to be in charge of it from beginning to end. Enable me to do all I need to do successfully and well. I thank you, Lord, that You are in charge of my day and all that happens. Enable me to hear Your voice speaking to my heart, telling me the way I should go and what I should do. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Prayer Focus 4: Submit your body, heart, and mind to God

Because the Holy Spirit lives in you, caring for your body, mind and emotions is something you do as much for Him as for yourself.

Take care of the temple God has given you. You must be grateful for it and treat it well.

God says He wants you to present your body to Him as a living sacrifice.

Ask God to guide you daily in the care of your health, and seek Him for healing when you need it.

Even if you don’t know exactly who you are or where you are going, you can still have peace in your mind and emotions about all of that when you know God is in charge. The way to be sure He is in charge of you mind and emotions- your thoughts and feelings- is to ask Him to be.

Instead of feeling badly and criticizing yourself for not being perfect in the area of body care, ask God to enable you to do what you need to do. He will. Ask Him for patience in the process.

Lord, I submit my body to You.Thank you, Lord, that You are my Healer. Thank You that I have the mind of Christ. Help me to live every day with peace in my heart and mind. Thank You for the sound mind You have given me. Create in me a clean heart that is free of negativity and unforgiveness. Help me to have Your love and forgiveness in my heart. Enable me to live in peace, tranquility, simplicity, and good health. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Prayer Focus 5: Confess any sin of thought or action

We have all sinned in some way and have need of the Lord’s cleansing.

Confession is the only way to be completely free of the uneasy feelings of guilt we often have but don’t fully recognize as such because we don’t think we have done anything wrong. When we confess any wrong thought, word or action, we can be cleansed of all the destructive effects of sin and be completely free of guilt.

Sin separates us from God. We do not want to be separated from God. We definitely want God to hear our prayers.

We must often ask God to help us recognize anything we have done wrong and admit it. We must also ask Him to enable us to walk away form it and never do it again.

God gives us a way out of all guilt through confession and repentance. If you feel convicted about something you’ve done, it will draw you closer to the Lord as you confess it and ask Him to help you make things right.

Don’t let any failure or mistake you make separate you from God. Confess and repent of it immediately.

If you have disobeyed God’s law in any way, confess that to Him and receive His forgiveness and cleansing. If you are feeling bad about something, bring it to Him in prayer. If you feel guilty because you have not chosen God’s best for your life, ask Him to help you make better choices. If you can’t think of anything to confess, ask God to show you whatever you might not be seeing.

Ask God every day to show you the truth about yourself. Confess what he reveals to you. Make confession a part of your prayers every day. And that will give you confidence and reassurance before Him.

Lord, help me to be free of all sin and its consequences. Help me to see the truth about myself. Reveal to me anything that is in my heart today that is not right. Cleanse me of my secret faults. Help me to stay free of the death that is the consequence of sin. I know that sin is a burden that is too heavy for me to carry. Lord, I know that if my heart does not condemn me, I can have confidence in Your presence, and whatever I ask of You I will receive because I am doing what is pleasing to You. More that anything I want to have a heart that is completely free of guilt and condemnation. Cleanse me and set me free of all sin so that I can please You and You will answer my prayers. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Prayer Focus 6: Seek God’s Protection and Covering

“Lord, I thank You for Your Word that promises to Your servants that no weapon formed against us will prosper. Therefore, I pray that no plan of the enemy against me will succeed.”

God wants us to cast our cares on Him as we pray specifically regarding everything that concerns us about our safety.

I can call of the Lord.

I can trust in God’s Word and His promises for my safety.

I can hide myself in the Lord.

I can obey God.

I can pray for protection.

I can live in the fear of the Lord.

I can praise God.

I can put my trust in the Lord.

Ask God to help you call upon His name, trust in Him, hide yourself in Him, live in obedience to His ways, believe in the promises in His Word for your protection, and have the fear of the Lord in your heart.

Lord, I pray that You would protect me from all dangers, accidents, diseases, and evil influences. Hide me in Your shadow and keep me safe from the wicked wherever I go. Protect my dwelling place from any intruders or disasters. Protect me from anyone with evil intent, and from all plans of the enemy. Protect me in cars, on planes, wherever I walk, or whatever I do. Give me the wisdom to always be in the right place at the right time. Send your angels to surround me and keep me safe that I don’t ever stumble. Thank You that You are “a very present help in trouble”. Thank You that no weapon formed against me will prosper. Protect me from all dangers and disasters. I praise You for being my Protector every day. Thank You for surrounding me like a shield. Thank You that You have given Your angels charge over me to protect me. You are my refuge in the day of trouble. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Prayer Focus 7: Tell God the Desires of Your Heart

God wants you to pray. God knows what you need, but you still have to ask Him for it. Just as salvation is free, yet we don’t get saved without praying, so God’s provision is His gift to us, be He still wants us to ask Him for it in faith that He will provide.

God wants you to pray about all that concerns you- no matter how big or how small it seems to you. God wants us to “continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving”. He wants us to ask Him to provide for us. That’s the way He works. We ask; He provides. Our asking declares our dependence upon Him. It also declares our faith in His ability and desire to provide for us. He wants you to ask Him without giving up. That means you must keep asking, seeking, and knocking every day.

Prayer Focus 8: Pray for the People in Your Life

Ask God to bring to mind anyone who especially needs your prayers, and He will remind you of someone you might not have otherwise thought to pray for.Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you choose which ones to pray for and when. Once you have prayed for a person, release him or her into God’s hands. Enjoy the peace of knowing you have surrendered that person and situation to God and He has heard your prayers and will answer in His way and His time.

Remember that you are partnering with God to see His will done. It’s your job to pray and it’s God’s job to answer. You just need to do your job and let God do His. Trust Him to answer your prayers for others in the time and way He decides.

In order to have good friends and relationships, we have to be a good friend in a relationship. There are certain ways God wants us to conduct ourselves with people that always reap great rewards. When we relate to others the way the Bible instructs us to, we are investing in these valuable relationships.

Lord, help me to relate to others with love, affection, compassion, care, a servant’s heart, peace, forgiveness and kindness.

It is much easier to protect your relationships in prayer than to try and repair them after the damage has already been done. However, God can restore a relationship that has been strained, injured, or broken when you pray about it. Ask God to help you reconcile your differences and bring healing.

Don’t leave any of your relationships to chance. Pray about each one. Bring them before the throne of God. And pray for those who are difficult to love as well. Remember, you always grow to love the people you pray for. As you pray, God gives you His heart of love for them.

Prayer Focus 9: Intercede for the world around you

God asks each one of us to intercede for our community, nation, and the world and he wants us to pray for our leaders as well. It’s something we are required to do.God wants you to be His intercessor. An intercessor is someone who stands before God and prays for another. In the Bible, God looked for someone to stand in the gap before Him and pray for the land so it wouldn’t be destroyed because of all the evil in it. But the sad part was He “found no one”. God had to bring judgment on the land because He could not find one person the intercede on behalf of the people. You and I can answer God’s call every day to intercede for people and situations that need the touch of His hand and the effect of His power on their behalf. Every day you can partner with God to see His purposes fulfilled on earth. Your prayers make a big difference. Every prayer you pray adds something to what God is doing or wants to do. And every prayer you pray brings greater confusion to the enemy.

Even though things seem to be getting worse, I can’t stop praying.

No matter how bad things get in the world, God is still in control.

No matter how the nations are shaken, the kingdom of God cannot be shaken.

I must pursue my enemies in prayer until I see them all completely destroyed.

When I sense the darkness of the world encroaching upon my life, I can pray and expect the joy of the Lord to give me strength to rise above anything that opposes me.

No matter how great the opposition I see to the things of God, I know He is far greater and I can have great hope and confidence in that Truth.

My prayers lay the foundation for the pursuit of peace.

God hears my prayers when I pray for the demise of evildoers.

Prayer Focus 10: Ask for God’s Will to be Done

Every day you can ask God for what you want, but you should also say that above all you want what He wants.

“Not my will, but Yours, Lord, be done in my life.”

When you want to know what God’s will is about a specific thing, ask Him to reveal it to you. When you have to make a decision and you still don’t know what God’s will is in the matter, then do what you know is always God’s will. Doing that will help you to better understand the will of God in other areas.

It is always God’s will for me to give thanks to Him.

God wills for me to keep praying about everything.

God wills for me to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

God wills for me to love other people.

God wills for me to obey His laws.

God wills for me to worship and praise Him.

The way to make sure you are always doing the right thing is to ask God for wisdom about everything you do. Ask Him for revelation.

Lord, Fill me with the knowledge of Your will. Give me wisdom and spiritual understanding. Help me to live my life in a way that is pleasing to You. Not my will, but Yours, be done. Your will is more important to me than my own wants and desires. Help me to not live in the lust of my flesh but for Your will only. I know that only by living in Your will can I move into all You have for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Text from: 10 Minutes for Powerful Prayer 

by Stormie Omartian



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Thank You, Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your constant, unfailing, unconditional love that fills our lives everyday. Thank you for your Truth, Grace, Mercy, kindness and for gently teaching us how to exude these qualities in our lives. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who comforts and consoles us as we mourn, grieve and feel through our sadness, reminding us that we are never alone. Thank you Holy Spirit for your daily direction as we tune into you. Thank you, Father, for all the glorious and abundant blessings in my life and for leading me into my life’s Divine direction and path, making sure I am constantly on a path of service to You. Thank for life and its living, this day and all the days of my existence. I praise You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for you are the Holy Trinity guiding and protecting my life and the planet.

I pray for peace, love, joy and happiness: in my own inner life and for the inner lives of all people so that the world may truly know peace. I pray for Divine solutions, inspirations and epiphanies for myself and for those in positions to help change the energy of Earth and its population. I pray for more enlightened beings to come into those positions of power to help manifest those changes. I see our future as You do Lord: bright, abundant, whole, clean and pure. In envisioning this future, I see and feel more love and enlightenment in the world than ever before.

Thank you, Jesus, for filling the Earth with your power, energy, resources and regeneration. Only You can heal the broken. Only Your love can transform the dark. In you, our works are made holy. Thank you, Jesus, for being the great teacher of love, prayer and sacrifice.

Today I begin again, as I do every morning, to fill my soul spirit with You. I listen for Your words and read them, too, trusting in faith that You are the way, the Truth and the light.

God Bless All Who Read This Prayer,


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Peace Prayer

Let there be peace on Earth
May peace begin in my heart
May God’s love, light, power and presence be with us all and surround the planet
May we walk in love and beauty every day of our lives
May loving kindness fill our souls and may everyone feel connected to the human family that we are and care for one another

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Daily Prayer: Better Than My Dream

your plans better than my dream

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Thank You God


Daily Prayers

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forgiveness prayer

when I cant find the words

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