Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power

Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power I joined the call last night. Boy, I learned a lot. The class is about $400 and I’m very tight month-to-month and can’t afford to take it. 😦 I wish I could. They do offer a 3-installment plan of $150 per month. I’m trying to figureContinue reading “Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power”

TEAR Model of Grief

TEAR Model of Grief T= To accept the reality of the loss   E= Experience the pain of the loss A= Adjust to the new environment without the lost person R= Reinvest in the new reality Based upon Worden’s (1991) tasks of mourning: Worden, J. W. (1991). Grief Counselling and grief therapy: A handbook forContinue reading “TEAR Model of Grief”

Walking Barefoot with God: Change

We are divided where we need to be as one people. There are millions of people without water, food or medical care all over the world. Countries are collapsing, earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, tornadoes are all occurring. All of us must see that a change is happening on our planet in many ways. We are onContinue reading “Walking Barefoot with God: Change”

end of year musings

This year I’m heading into the New Year with more confidence than I’ve had in previous years. This is probably due to the challenges previous years, including 2013, have held for me. I’ve grown a lot and felt even more during the past few years. I feel more ready than I ever have. Ready forContinue reading “end of year musings”