Starry-Eyed Intention

There she was in the midst of her dream, having it all before her. The overwhelming sense of security filled every molecule of her being and she knew that this was something close to what was known as love. There in the water, she saw her reflection in the moonlight and something strange happened. NotContinue reading “Starry-Eyed Intention”

10 Principles of Manifestation

10 Principles of Manifestation by John Randolph Price Eliminate a consciousness of need. We have it all and we have it NOW! We have the kingdom NOW. 1. ATTUNEMENT- Eternal self-hood. Master self. Super knowledge of God, Christ consciousness. God knowing it’s self as it’s self. Decide what you want and go after it. ChooseContinue reading “10 Principles of Manifestation”

Walk in Beauty

We are at the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle peeps! Uranus/Pluto square started March 16, 2015 linked with major change. Will be felt for a long time (like 3 years). Total Solar Eclipse March 20, 2o15. 2:36 am. 29 Pisces 27. Visible in UK and Northern Europe. Supermoon. Perigee moon. Tides will be highContinue reading “Walk in Beauty”

Love Warrior

I Am a Warrior for Love I am a powerful warrior. I embrace that I’m a warrior for love. I allow myself to be one with the Divine. I allow my heart to be open to all that there is. I accept the magical powers that come with being a warrior of love. I amContinue reading “Love Warrior”