The coming of…

My intentions evolve under this waxing moon as we approach Halloween and All Saint’s Day Festivities. My seed words are: independence, infusion, inspection, and inspiration. What are your seed words and how are they designed to help you move forward? Independence: I wish to feel more free to be the me I am destined toContinue reading “The coming of…”

The Full Blood Moon

Picture by Seawitch Artist Fibroids are no joke and when I got “diagnosed” with them two years ago, I didn’t know they wouldn’t be gone until after menopause. I’m in my early thirties and my Mom didn’t go through menopause until her early fifties. 20 year situation. The good news for now is that theContinue reading “The Full Blood Moon”

First Rain

The first rain started early this morning and included some soft lightening and light shifts in the sky. Here’s Daisy, the water meter fairy, doing her work. I love the sound of pitter patter on the patio roof. The fresh smells are so erotic. No lawn mowing today so it’s quiet, peaceful. I can’t waitContinue reading “First Rain”


Today the flow was graceful and effortless. I thank the Universe for that. I am grateful for all of my opportunities to serve. I feel complete, and then some. I have always considered the “9” to represent this: completion, rebirth, a start of something new. All the signs were there today to represent major changeContinue reading “Completion”

A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon

This early September Full Moon, I post a February sunset to recall winter’s beautiful skies that are coming soon. The storms bring darkness, but with it comes the miraculous return of the spectacular light. As another hot spell winds down tonight, I am reminded of this light shift, of this weather change, of the freshContinue reading “A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon”