Prayer Ties

My daughter and I took two prayer ties each: hers are pink at the bottom of the tree and mine are green on the top branches. We each made one wish each per ribbon prayer tie as we tied them to the tree. She needed a little assistance tying hers but was quite capable makingContinue reading “Prayer Ties”

Planting Season

with all man’s tools and ingenuityit is the sun and moon that dictateour crops and our cycleswe take the steps smallone before the othersome ahead, while others lead us back aways, it seems.but always these stepsare in tune with the magicof seasons and timing.expecting our goodand predictablity to lastfor generations to come.doing our part to heed,listenContinue reading “Planting Season”

Back Back Spring Cleaning

Every year or two we have to clean up our back backyard and it requires some heafty tools, as seen here. It cleans the rubbage and feng shui’s the energy in the yard and house tremendously. I’m looking forward to the heaping, sweeping backyard clean up project taking place this week. I’m also cleaning upContinue reading “Back Back Spring Cleaning”