A Change Will Come

22 years in the making

8 years single feels like forever

But I can’t not think about you

Your gentle way driving me crazy

If your the Divine Masculine

My counterpart made manifest

Why aren’t you here with me

Where are you in these days of end

Divine timing trusts in us

But I wonder if you do too

Being single 8 years long gone

Buried in shadows and turmoil

Lost without your reassuring touch

You know me too well

But you’re a stranger to me

Lost in third dimensional reality

Where the material world takes hold

I’m vibing here with you

In this place and space

Where the promise of us

Lies in our free will to fight for it

Yet knowing our complacency reigns

In these days of chaos and confusion

8 years solo and unafraid

Wondering if you even know

Our partnership saves us both

The world, awakening and ascension

Be here now with me

Bring strength and resiliency

To a masked, hurt world

In desperate need of karmic love

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