A Change Will Come

On Ascension and Awakening

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” Thich Nhat Hanh

I got a lot of my life all wrong. We make mistakes to help us learn. There are plenty of things in my life I wish I could do over or change. History is brutal sometimes.

In this present moment what can I do? How can I heal, amend and recreate the past? Sometimes the healing comes by just letting it go. Other times a wrong desperately needs to be righted, and forgiveness is required or an apology. Finally, we must drop into the heart and just express that which we seek- love and compassion- while feeling happy, joyous and free.

On a personal and planetary level, many of us are in fear, anxiety and overwhelm right now. During this time of heightened frustration and confusion, what will be our response? And how does that look?

We must break through the veil of illusion into the truth of existence. Responding with love through action is being called upon. Through Love and empathy, compassion, peace, Truth, forgiveness and service we are being called to our work. Remaining flexible, staying teachable, grounding and meditation, and energy/chakra work are all helpful for me right now.

For most starseeds becoming aware and conscious of your big life purpose and mission is important. Consciousness is awakening, expanding and ascending now. It’s causing lots of transformation, change and shifts in our lives, the world and planet.

Slow down, listen to your breath and smile. We have to attend to our journey and trust the universe is supporting us. Only then can we let go and trust in the divine plan for others and for all. God, the conscious source of all creation, is loving, guiding and protecting each us on our life’s journey.

Look within. Trust your intuition. Work with energy. Be magical. Share with people you adore and take breaks. It’s okay to need rest and comfort.

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