New and Full Moon

Hidden in Shadows

I’m a little lost and confused. I’m depressed, anxious and fatigued, looking for someone who might feel the same. I’m shocked, stoked and, often very lamely, try to hide in shadows. Hiding is easy these days. We were opening but then again closing up the state due to covid numbers. I hide under my sheets all day lost in oblivion. I hide behind my mandatory mask and social distance from everyone. This is the new normal. We touch closest via text and online. You say you’ll never leave me and will always be here while you’re long gone. My cats wonder what to make of it and the hamster died. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful and grateful to be here even if it’s hidden away. The distance lingers and your music isn’t new. I don’t know what to make of anything other than the fact that I am here despite being lost in it. So stand by while we wait for another chance to get it right.

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