Intro. and Overview of Spiritual Scheme

Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper

I’m reading and supplying comments about this book. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, my suggestion is to get ahold of this book and follow along as we journey into the spiritual laws.


The book begins with the introduction. She begins by describing the old paradigm which could be considered our old way of living. Ya know, pre COVID-19. The old paradigm did not and does not work. It’s based on control, material gain, physical and sexual sensation, is critical, judgmental and has a superiority focus.

People became and are becoming Divinely Discontented in their hearts. We long for a better way.

If we learn the laws of this book, we can clean up our game and work together. ❤

We are collectively moving to a higher dimension. This is why we came here and this is our mission, pursuit and goal of Earth school.

How do we move to a higher dimension? Follow your biggest, greatest joy:

“When you have a vision of what you intend to accomplish during your journey on Earth your clarity and purpose fill you with joy.

When “we let go of our ego desires and live for the Divine…we cooperate with and empower others. Life becomes joyous, peaceful and harmonious. This is heaven on Earth.”


“Earth is a mystery school, a place where our lessons are presented to us in the form of situations or particular people.”

Everyone’s aim is enlightenment.

Guardian angels

Spirit Guides


Ascended Masters

Source, God, Brahma, Creator, Divine

“We are multi dimensional beings. A dimension is a frequency range.”

She goes on to note the 7 dimensions in our universe:

1D- Mineral Kingdom (New ideS take root and are rooted)

2D- Plant (Needs light to grow. LIGHT contains spiritual info and knowledge.)

3D- Animal

4D- Remembering of past lives. HEART opens to unconditional love.

5D- Understanding of Oneness. FORGIVENESS.

6D- Leave physical body after ascension and are purifying our light body for greater service in the universes.

7D- Heaven. Ascended Masters, angels.

Soul is a higher aspect of self. Personality is a part of your soul sent to Earth to learn.

“Your task on Earth is to remember who you are.”

Who are you and what exactly are these laws? There are 36 laws and chapters in this text. Let’s learn the laws so we can better understand the spiritual side of existence.