We Rise

I was not raised religious. My parents decided to let us find our own religion. My father encourages me to believe in Jesus and has done so throughout the years. My mother is an advocate of the search for truth and of finding one’s own way.

I have been feeling my way through the awakening since my early twenties. I keep the faith in many ways. I believe in Jesus Christ for so many reasons. But I also feel the moon, sun and oceans. Some people say it’s wrong to believe simultaneously in Christ and other beliefs such as Wicca, Buddhism and New Age. However, this has been my path and my truth. As the poet William Blake wrote, “All religions are One.”

This Good Friday let me always remember that it’s ultimately about forgiveness, love and acceptance: of self, of Christ and of all others.

On Easter let us all feel you and be the visionaries we were meant to be. May miraculous healings and heavenly epiphanies abound. Today, we remember and rise, like you.