Sending Light

We are harmonizing with Mother Earth, Gaia, feeling her breath and pulse. We are bringing back into balance the energies needed to stabilize, heal and synergistically become well with Her.

From eternity bring to mind and visualize Mother Earth from timelessness and breathe with Her while seeing a column of Light from the highest realms beaming into the Central Sun.

Then picture all cosmic and galactic Suns bright from the source. Beam them into our milky way, our solar system and finally, toward Earth herself. Imagine this brilliant Light going to all Earth’s guides, guardians and ancestors enlightening, awakening and expanding the collective consciousness to our intended destiny of heaven on Earth.

Send this Light further in Earth’s aura and direct it toward all Lightworkers, rainbow warriors, Goddesses, shamans, healers, etc. Next direct it further by sending it to all humans: 7 billion lights of the Central Suns.

Expand the light to include animals, all sentient beings and life. Include all the waters, animals, plants and trees, land, until all of Earth is shining brightly.

Picture the Earth of your dreams: all people are free and happy, living their passions. Animals and humans communicate telepathically and there is an abundance of everything we need. Waters are crystal clear, trees everywhere, animals playing. Gaia and humanity learn to coexist in harmony and oneness.

Picture this Light now pouring from direct source, the galactic Suns, into your crown chakra, into your spine as it lights up your energy centers, known as chakras.

Open your heart and receive and feel the love from Mother Earth. She is changing us to heal Her and us. She is resting and regenerating for the new age of heaven on Earth. Send this love to yourself and all other people, especially to the lost, hurting or suffering.

Now send this Love and Light deep into the quartz core of Earth, lighting up Her energy core and sending infinite light seeds to Her center to create new timelines and shifts that are able to ascend us past the illusions and into the truth so that all of existence may evolve and enlighten, together as One.

Finally, send the Light from the suns into our galaxy, to our solar system, into our Central Sun and give reiki from the sun to all of our solar system and especially to Mother Earth. Then give energy of healing and wellness from your open heart chakra to Earth and everyone on it and all of our relations.

Stay in this space of Light and love. Be here now and stand in the Light of love.

Blessing be to you for being the Lightwarrior/ Loveworker/Lightworker visionary creators toward this global ascension. I honor and appreciate you and your global service.