Reflections on this moment…

Today. That’s all we have. This moment in the now is all there really is. Sunlight warms my skin as it dances through my window. I hear the few cars passing by and miss the sound of their full symphony.

Ah, quarantine. We sit and stare off into a space many don’t believe in. It’s here for us and supports our collective beingness. What could I say to you to help you? When will we believe in the power of something greater than us? How will this all end? In your quiet surrender to what is or in our collective resistance to what could be?

We fight a known, invisible enemy as we have been from the beginning. Fear is calculating, menacing and broad. But we concede that Love is who we are. Not only is it stronger but it is the force that sustains, nourishes and heals us all. Love, simply love.

How’s your heart? Are you dancing in the spotlight of its soul? Have you been taking care of yourself and others? Do you remember who you are? Have you been reminding others of our Divinity and innocence, pure nature and graceful magnificence?

Do what makes your heart and soul feel alive in this very precious moment. It’s all we are guaranteed and promised.

This world can be maddening. I hope you’re not mad. I have been in disconnect from reality. It’s even more frightening than death itself. Madness and disengagement from our reality happens everyday these days. We suffer, often alone and silently.

We are so connected to our illusion of reality but the veil is getting old, thin and evaporating. There is a new perspective and perception emerging through the rays of light. Can you see it?

Love, loved and loving. Be here now with me. Let me look into your eyes and let’s soul gaze into the spirit of who we are. The potential, promise and praise of two hearts feeling each other and beating in time with the stellar frequencies that shape, guide and create.

Taking in a cleansing breath now and as we exhale, the rejuvenating breath heals and restores us. It recalibrates us to the present moment. We look again and see nothing but the marvelous, magnificent and miraculous. In this space we move, rest, and experience our beingness. For in this space the love and light may enter in to transform the world into its resonance.