Three Gifts Meditation

Get comfortable and begin to feel more and more relaxed. Breathe and receive during this time. Allow your breath to anchor you into Earth and to hold you during this meditation.

Take a deep breath and begin to imagine a staircase in front of you. With each step down, you will countdown from 10-1. 10- feeling calm. Take a breath. 9- stepping down now into your staircase. 8- going deeper and deeper into relaxation. 7- trusting that what needs to be revealed to you will be during this time. 6- setting the intention to experience only your highest of good at this time. 5- feeling deeply relaxed and filled up with peace and love. 4- letting go now to any and all resistence. 3- settling into this meditation and feeling very calm and peaceful. 2- breathing slow, steady and deeply. And 1- ready to embark on this meditation to see and experience what is needed for your growth at this time.

As you reach the bottom of the staircase, picture a room with a beautiful, white floor. Imagine there is a chair in this room. The chair could be any color, shape, size or style you like. This is your chair for your spiritual work, mastery and magical work. Sit in your chair and begin taking several deep breaths to relax further.

Imagine a beautiful blue ball of light filling and entering into your heart chakra. As it does, allow yourself to experience its healing and protective properties. Let this blue ball of light stay within you through the next 3 days by setting the intention that it will. Now picture a golden, shimmering light filling up within you and allow this light to begin to flow through your body. Now as you take 3 deep breaths and blow the exhale out of your mouth, picture the golden light moving from within your body outwards around you, creating a vibrate, protective bubble around you. Each time you exhale, the light goes further away from your body until it is surrounding you by about 3-5 feet away. This protective bubble is your personal energy protection bubble and it is your first gift of this meditation room.

Now picture a bed in the room. This bed could be any size, color or shape that you’d like. Go and comfortably lie down on the bed. Proceed by imagining in your mind’s eye, a vacuum above you. This vacuum begins to cut, remove and clear any negative energy, old cord attachments, fears, worries, stress, tension or anxiety you may have. Release any and all negativity into Archangel Michael’s vacuum and let him do the work. Feel Michael removing all old, stuck and residual energy from your energy bubble and field and then, imagine him giving over to the purple transmuting flame of St. Germain for healing, release and transmutation into the light. This vacuum is your second gift.

Finally, feel around and see if there is any residual dark or heavy energy. If there is, picture a beautiful, brilliant sword of light which Archangel Michael has placed against your chair. Go and lift the lightsword and begin to direct it onto any darkness remaining in your meditation room. Feel the energy shift into the pure light of peace and unconditional love. This sword is your third gift.

Now you are vibrating high and are cleared and cleansed to proceed with any spiritual or visioning work you’d like to do in your meditation room. This private, protective and healing space is always within and there for you. All you have to do is walk down the staircase and relax. Then, use your three gifts and begin your work such as praying, manifesting and meditating.

When you are done, imagine yourself walking back up the staircase back into the physical realm of reality. As you count forward from 1-10 you become more and more alert and conscious. 1- beginning up the staircase. 2- feeling refreshed. 3- feeling rejuventated. 4- climbing higher up. 5- feeling your body again. 6- wiggling your fingers and toes. 7- settling into the space around you. 8- feeling aware and awake. 9- feeling completely conscious and ready to continue your day. 10- when you are ready, open your eyes.

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