A Change Will Come

A Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
You know what is best for our children. We humbly ask you to protect them and to guide them through every living moment of their lives. We surrender them into your will and loving hands for Divine care and nourishment. Please Heavenly Father, we pray you will show us what you would have us to do as loving mothers and we give the rest to you knowing you are the Divine Mind of the Universe whom always have their back and ours. We love you Conscious Universe and Heavenly Father and we bear witness to and accept the Supreme Light and Love that is available within your steady stream knowing that as we do we become the embodiment of Christ Consciousness and in flow with the Divine. We are so grateful to be alive and learn every day. Thank you humbly from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to be a mother and to love so profoundly in this life. May all the abundance of Earth come shining through the hearts of children. May children lead the way. May children always be the revolutionary voices of reason and may their compassion, vision and imagination save us all. Amen.