Spirituality and Flow

The Flame

Darkness surrounds my vision

My own blood falls into your hands

But you can’t feel it’s warmth

Nor sense it’s presence

We break open into each other

Not knowing where we are

Light bursts into our clouds

Melting our iceland bringing water

But turning away it seems is all

That we ever seem to do

Into another’s arms that doesn’t know

Someone who just pretends

To know your shadow like me

To feel your body and soul into mine

Our world is messed up

Cuz the soulmates aren’t together

Cuz the real true right ones ain’t holding up

Where is it written that this love is earthbound

When will it be made manifest

And released then in this life

Hope you come to your senses and come to my door

Brave and unaffected by this world

Or bloody and broken and ready for my love

Waiting for only you now my love

My Divine twin soul who can ignite and burn this love

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