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Why not try: Concert Review of Sorts

Went to see two Incubus shows. One in Sac at Papa Murphy’s Park at the City of Trees Festival and one at the Masonic during their 2-night stay there. I realized while attending these shows several things. I have been romanticizing my past experiences with rock concerts and that it really isn’t as romantic as I had remembered. The one in Sacramento was hot, long and did I mention hot? There were bleachers to sit in but, bleachers. We chose to sit on the grass. We got there around 6 but INCUBUS didn’t start until like 9. So lots of waiting around and listening to other new bands which was okay. We knew we would have to. The other bands were fun, entertaining and like discovering new music. My travel partner and close friend is a country fan and not much into alternative so she wasn’t really into it but agreed to drive, for me.

The masonic was ok. Lots of young people which is fine. We had a nice side view. At one point during the concert a group of 7 young men sort of stepped in front of my other good friend and I and that was kinda rude but hey they were bigger, taller, drunker and probably louder than we were so what were we going to do? I stepped in front of them during a song and they let me which was nice. Thanks my dudes. I didn’t take pics bcz I like to listen and feel during concerts. Snapping pics and videos is before my era. I did get one pre-concert stage shot I took to show my sister we had made it safely to the theatre that night. The sound was ok. We were on the side so the acoustics weren’t that great. We found out later that the lead singer wasn’t feeling well that night. So, it’s understandable that things were a bit off.

I remember seeing little baby Incubus a few times in the city at Slim’s in the late 90’s precisely 20 years ago. I was in my early 20’s and so were they. I watched from the back of the club with my boyfriend at the time who had brought me and his friends and my sister. There was a gang of us. My boyfriend yelled “play Freebird” or something like that. That’s always stuck in my memory for some reason because it cracked me up.

I don’t know any of Incubus band members personally. I’m just a fan that’s followed them since Science was released. I appreciate how far they have come as artists, people and entrepreneurs. They’re a fun bunch to follow.

I adore the concept of 20 years of Make Yourself. I find it difficult to make myself do anything. Inspiration for me is usually divinely directed. Indeed, most of life is divinely orchestrated when lived authentically. I made myself go and I’m glad I did if only for the partial views and semi ok sounds. It was stellar hearing the hits again and I have so much gratitude for seeing them live ❤️ twice!

FOOTNOTE: Since I suffer from severe social anxiety this was very difficult for me. The crowd was hard. I had to sort of stand apart or, in the back. I had to leave early to avoid the congestion at departure. That meant not seeing close up and missing the final songs but I was perfectly fine with that to prevent social anxiety. My plan worked well. If you have social anxiety stick to that when going to concerts. Stay in the back. Leave early. It helps. Peace and potato salad 😋

PERSONAL SECRET/POSTSCRIPT: I still love and adore Incubus band. I always will. Their music and the characters of the band have a special place in my heart and soul. ♥️

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