Spirituality and Flow

Friday Feature: Meet Me

Love is patient and kind and can be easy too like Sunday morning. Passionate kisses, post-it notes (to show you care) are homemade miracles on the regular. Just two lovers doing things their way.

We make it so difficult with distance, friction, and accusations that aren’t even real. A rock in our hearts that’s surrounded by walls of defense. Not trusting each other is our greatest sadness and defeat.

Not knowing where we will meet or if ever makes me anxious and angry. My heart is tender and sensitive and has been broken over and over. It wants to believe in and trust in us but gets lost in pain and madness instead of in the present possibilities of joy with you.

Meet me where I am. Take my hand and look into my eyes. Accept that my journey is my own and I will give you space to live your journey. That’s all I ever asked.

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