Spirituality and Flow

Tuesday’s Tales

Once many years ago I met Howard Zinn at his lecture at UC BERKELEY for his then new book, You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train. He gave a moving speech and signed books afterwards. I asked him to sign mine which he did. I subsequently lost that book but I remember him telling me that l couldn’t be neutral on a moving train as he signed it.

A few years later I was working for a new age magazine and was sent to a beautiful, huge, elegant hotel in San Francisco to interview Gary Zukav for an article in an upcoming edition. I was stressed, afraid and frazzled because the magazine wasn’t upholding it’s financial responsibilities and as assistant editor people were coming to me for answers and I just didn’t have any. As I entered the room in the hotel it was incredibly serene. Gary’s then girlfriend Linda was meditating outside on the balcony. Gary showed me around the hotel room and then we sat in the sitting room and got to the interview. The interview was for his new book Seat of the Soul. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It was when it first was published. The interview did not go well. I asked him a few questions about soul and the meaning of life. About how triplets relate to soul because I am a triplet. I believe we each have an individual soul and body and that there is a larger collective soul. Then there are soul groups like us triplets and the soul as in God, Source, Creator. I never read Seat of the Soul despite all it’s acclaim and success. As I abruptly ended the interview Gary asked if I wanted my book signed. I agreed. I lost that book too.

Moral of the stories is if you get books signed by authors in life you should keep them. Don’t let pregnancy or parents or boyfriend’s take them away. You’ll miss them.

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