Spirituality and Flow

On peace

The stillpoint of peace is not just within but perhaps it can occur as a macrocosm as well. Something that could sustain the Earth and cosmos. We, as a planet and people, hold tremendous possibly, promise and peace. If we can realize the eternity of space and time then feel into it, maybe there is a bit of spaciousness and peace there. If we can feel the breath and merge with it to enter our emotional and thinking bodies then explore, analyze and quiet them- maybe we can find peace. If we can come together and agree to disagree then maybe we will get along. If the nations would unify and the people would all agree to help one another- no more greed, hunger, lust or fear. The planet will serve as an emissary of light for the cosmos and beyond.

The ley lines are set for Earth’s Ascension to the peaceful and happy stillpoint. The stillpoint will be what you make it but it will bring the Earth back to center, back to balance and back to peace. This is the event. No one knows when but it’s sooner rather than later. Much love and joy are embedded in this cosmically conscious event.

To prepare practice self love techniques such as: prayer, meditation and yoga. Keep your personal and professional spaces clean. Clear clutter to make room for new growth. Take a class or work with a teacher. Reach out and network. Volunteer. Create. Celebrate.

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