Spirituality and Flow

Faith Needs a Faith Lift

I’ve been told to close my door and pray in solitude and in silence. This is what my Bible says. I have done this with very little results. When I was typing and sharing my prayers online, I was more faithful and having better results. As I prayed in solitude, I found my prayers to be less focused, more emotionally based and less service based. While in solitude I wasn’t listening to God. I was being selfish and not in God’s will. No more.

My faith needs a faith lift! I’m going implement a few new things to do this:

1. Service commitment.

2. Bible study.

3. Attend any new group.

These are my 3 goals for giving my faith a faith lift! It is my intention and sincere prayer 🙏💗 and hope that through praying and following these three actions I will raise my faith consciousness and vibrational frequencies and get my energies back into a higher vibrational realm that will make me feel more comfortable, lighter, happier, balanced and energized.


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