Spirituality and Flow

Ascension Update

There’s something bigger in our midst; something longing to be expressed, felt, transmitted and embodied; can you feel it too?


The new paradigm of love frequencies will be brought onto the earth plane through the consciousness of the cosmic collective. As more and more of humanity become aware of the global network and wake up to this new planetary Ascension Dimension, the earth will rise in frequency and dimensions. We will, as One, ascend to a new level of human and planetary understanding, connection and elevation for the benefit of all the cosmos including Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


Begin by placing your dominant writing hand over your heart chakra and your non dominant fingers at your third eye chakra. Breathe deeply for several breaths. Now imagine all of your guardians, guides, angels, benevolent beings of light and love surrounding you now with pure energy and the most beautiful luminating white light you’ve ever seen. We ask that only love and light enter this space, our space. In this moment you are safe. Take another deep breath. Imagine you are sitting on a cloud. The cloud is fluffy and white. It can be as big or small as you’d like. The sky is brilliant and blue. Use your fingers on your third eye to activate your vision. On your cloud do what you love. It could be writing, singing, dancing, painting…. whatever. But really enjoy what you’re doing. By doing this here you’re streaming in more love light to Earth. Now give the love 💓 and joy that you’re feeling while doing what you love a name or color. This will serve as a vibrational match or memory for you to recall after this meditation. Now, continue as long as you’d like here. When finished, fly around with your finished product or simply pretend to fly through the sky. To close, return to this cloud. Thank it and the beautiful blue sky for it’s beautiful nature and presence. Take a few more deep breaths and return to your body.

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