Spirituality and Flow

Another Grief Update

Solai, ❤️

I see grief as a life experience that is universal. Everything in life is born and all of life dies. If you’re here and you have a body you’re going to experience grief (and suffering). But what is grief, specifically? An emotion maybe. Feelings ranging from confusion to anger to sadness and everything in between. Or a teacher. Something that is here to walk with us as a guide and escort through those dark emotions leading us back into the light. Process, definitely. It starts when you lose your mother’s womb and continues and builds from there. We have to learn how to create our own womb, our own bubble of nurturing, love and light for ourself where we can self love, self soothe and heal our pain. Not just ours but our children’s and our family’s pain too. Grief is a process that requires attention, truth telling, light and love for all generations.

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