Spirituality and Flow

Love Song Yet Written

Baby tell me how you want it written

I’ll write it write it

Tell me how to sing it

My voice will shout it shout it

Show me how you want it done

And I’ll be that be that

In a world full of modern mysteries

One thing remains known

My love for you in this life:

Surely as the ocean tide riding to shore

Warm like honey in the tea you sip every morning

And though these things are known

There remains so much obscure

Like where we stand and if ever again we will meet

Like how our heart beats and if forgiveness will win

Like if spirit really does matter and if your soul ever felt mine

Like if status quo means more to you than me or if my hand dealt you more than life itself

There remains to be written a love song in this world, in our life, during this time, through it all

Will you be passionate and crazy enough to write it

Love songs for the lovers in this world yet written by poets

Coming soon 😊

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