Spirituality and Flow

Full Moon Reading: A Kinda-Lunar Eclipse, too

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Centering in Divine Light: Archangel Metatron. Center your own energy in your heart with brilliant white light. Call back all of your light. Allow all the light of Divine along with your personal power to compress into your physical body. Call in as much light and personal power as you can. Center and let Divine Light shine from within.

Moving Towards the Light: I find a hidden blessing in each of my challenges. I am forever transforming, evolving and progressing along my path.

Application: The laws of Universal Love take root in my life. I radiate love at all times. Light transforms my heart and my thoughts.

Liberation: I liberate myself and improve the flow of energy in my life by clearing the clutter. (Clutter can be objects, emotions, thoughts- anything that blocks, stagnates or distracts us from facing our true purpose/feelings/authentic self.)

Decks by: Melanie Beckler, Ascension Angel Cards and Mario Duguay, Oracle of the Angel.

NOTE: Interpretation paraphrased and edited by me.

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