Spirituality and Flow

Doorknobs and Windowsills

I feel lost, uncertain, lonely and afraid. I’m unwell, unbalanced and insecure. But guess what? That’s ok. Most folks would want to label where I’m at as a bad place. In order to grow and move beyond this place, I first have to acknowledge I’m here. Bring it to the light of existence, accept it and then seek to deal with it. I’m looking at counterintuitive ways to handle this funk. Like most folks would say run don’t walk away from it. Ok, I’ll just sit here and feel it and then come up with better feelings and feel those instead through processing the negativity. How do I do that? I sit with each emotion that comes up. Every single one. If loneliness comes up, as will be the culprit tonight I visit with her. I ask her what she needs: company, tea, a bath, a book, a good cry? I then detach from her and ask what about loneliness soothes me? How is it serving me and what emotion would fill this space better? Then I try to shift into that space. Desire Mapping by Danielle LaPorte and Soul Shift by Sage Goddess have been key guides and teachers here. I also have been rereading Courage by Debbie Ford. I highly recommend their work as you move into this sacred work. Shadow work and getting clear on how you want to feel is the work I’m in. It’s sparking creative juices and opening new worlds of opportunity.

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