Spirituality and Flow

The Age of Aquarius

Orishas come and be in this space

Here and now presently please

With gracious gratitude welcome

Take this offering of breath

This heartbeat pulse

Make it multidimensional

Create your beautiful kindness

There is nothing left to hide

Surrendering to the process

Enlightened by oneness

This space time travels beyond here

Echoing of past illuminating future

Present presence graces each moment

As we transpire into it with light love

Each cell awakens/activates memory

Of our ancient history in Atlantis

A time during the golden days

Where we are returning

Chakra telepathy healers geometry

Ley lines crystal skulls sacred heart

Coming together as one in a unified

Field of energized frequency

Awakening to the reality of Peace

Universal understanding peoplehood

Caring for each other planet animals

Opening our heart chakras to expand

To encompass our Earth chakras

Our cosmic gateways and own hearts

Feeling that peace presence

Being that in this world space

Here now with you

Is pure bliss joy blessings

Your soothing power and miracles

Are grounded into each of us

As we shred our outer illusion

Accepting a new reality of truth

Taking divine guided action

Toward our life purpose crucial

Steward donate protect campaign

Volunteer serve organize give

These energies flow through us

These energies will guide us

We all long for brightness
Earth will know peace once more

Speaking truth having mindfulness

Being kind thoughtful joy filled

Our will aligned with Source is power

This will is what flows us on

May we align ours together in joy

Creating our new home and world

Another golden age of Atlantis

The Age of Aquarius

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