Spirituality and Flow

Crystal Clusters

Been working with 2 amethyst and one gorgeous cavansite crystal clusters lately to balance and raise my energy. Amethyst is amazing at healing and soothing energy. Cavansite is wonderful for helping energy gracefully move through transitions by connecting energy to the higher realms and knowledge. It also opens and heals the heart chakra, as does amethyst.

Working with crystals has always uplifted and energized my energy. They are magical and through intention, reiki and oils, we can program them to bring healing and positivity to people and Earth. Some say crystals are bad or don’t work. Some have even gone so far as to say crystals are evil and of Satan. Crystals come from Mother Earth. They are to be respected and treated with love and care. I believe that each crystal has its own code or memory and goes to the place it’s meant to be on Earth, to the proper person, at the designated time and place. Crystals have intelligence and energy within them. They have high frequency. They pulsate and vibrate it all around them. Some let off temperature, some emit or take in emotions, some healing properties, etc. etc. Color, texture and shape play a role in the understanding of a crystal.

These clusters are from here. She also has a new crystal lore book out here.

Enjoy and charge/program your crystals!

Crystal care by Crystal Tiger.

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