Spirituality and Flow

Reach Me

There you are in the noon sun

Loving me in broad daylight

Open wide arms holding us

It couldn’t get any better than this

And then it does in the twilight

When the world settles and you shine

Looking in your eyes I see my future

Holding your hand I feel forever

And your sweet soul is my home

It’s where I always want to be

Sometimes in this life we find love

We find it in the person next to us

In the stars and in the moon

I find it every time you sing to me

Every time you touch my heart

Every time you take a breath here

You are the reason I’m alive

And the reason for my beautiful

The sun in my clouds that brings light

I look to you for my inspirational joy

But mostly for the tender distance

Between us to dissolve into nothing

And for your heart to reach mine

In this lifetime once more

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