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Camp Fire Notes

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On November 8th the lives of many Northern and Southern Californians were changed forever. Fire. It erupted on both ends of the state. I’m a Northern Californian and I reside in the Bay Area, about 120 miles from Paradise. Since the fire started, we have not glimpsed the blue sky for it has been filled with smoke in our atmosphere. I don’t think people realize how grim or deep the Camp Fire has affected our area. About half the population are wearing masks, the other half wish they could get ahold of one. In the Bay, we are so grateful for what we have and are heartbroken for those who are gone and those who lost everything. Some are donating, volunteering, gathering resources, whatever we can do to help. It helps to help. Even if you donate $5 or $10 to your favorite charity that helps. It goes a long way. It’s pouring here now. There’s still smoke and clouds. I’m waiting to behold the blue sky again. I’ve never missed the sky so much before. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone is so true sometimes. Sky, sky please appear soon! As I type this the sun is appearing and some blue! The top pic is from last week. It was brutally smokey here. And now we are finally getting some rain and blue skies but we are aware this presents problems for those out there in it. Please donate.

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