Spirituality and Flow

Spiritual Mind Treatments

I know there is an Infinite Spirit that I call God (or whatever you prefer). I know that I AM One with that Infinite Mind. I know that the Divine qualities of (name the qualities you seek) are already within me. I embrace them now. I am so grateful for the revelation of this spiritual Truth in my life. I trust God (or, what you prefer) to provide for me. It is done. It is so. Amen.

I realize and recognize there is a Higher Power; the Creator of Heaven and Earth; God, the good, Almighty. I AM a child of God. All that God is, I AM! With heartfelt, sincere gratitude, I deeply accept this realization into my consciousness. With great Trust, I let go and let God. And So It Is. Amen!

I believe in Christ Jesus and in Christ Consciousness, available to everyone. I realize that we are one with this Christ Presence. All of the Divine qualities of Christ are here within us now, especially Agape Love and forgiveness. May we embrace them. I am grateful for this spiritual Truth enlightening the planet now. Trust and Faith in Jesus Christ and in the collective Christ Consciousness will heal and restore us. I let go and let God do the work. Thank you, Jesus! Amen.

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