Spirituality and Flow

Understanding Storms

The storm swirls, settles

Memories of temporal fragility

Surround my mind, this place

A fly dances by

An insect so small, insignificant

Became my closest companion

On my solo vision quest

Running from everything

Finding the Truth of One

The storm’s majesty, it’s power

My own fallible nature, yet Divine-

Echoing my Creative Creator

Breathing still wondering

If the eye will be merciful

Holding to prayers and preparations

Loving this land in alternate life

This reality is too unreal

Backtracking everyday

Healing ourselves, the heart

Refusing the blame game

Accepting responsibility

Breaking silver spoons, glass ceilings

That keep people prisoners

Say freedom and feel it, be it

Time for radical love, joy, celebration

Time for universal understanding

As I sit listening to the clock tick

I am calmed by its mesmerizing rhythm

Its certainty, consistency

Our life and fate bind

Our love and suffering relate

A leaf dances by from a tree nearby

I feel the wind on my face

Awakening connections


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