Spirituality and Flow

Lion’s Gate 8/8-8/18

Today the Lion’s Gate portal opens through 8/18/18. Wih all the planets in retrograde and during the tail end of eclipse season, this portal is set to be an inward and cosmic journey of soul and stellar recognition. Sirius, Earth and the Galactic Core align for our Highest Good to be made manifest. Its time now to put your intentions to paper, especially on the New Moon eclipse arriving on August 11. The stagnant energy is falling away so that new brilliance may enter. Rest, hydrate and meditate. Those will be 3 keys for the next 10 days. Speak slowly, listen. I will be working on my negative self talk. That ugly voice which is permeating my being. Its time to let her be heard, loved and ultimately, for her to either change her tune or get loved and supported so much that is her only response. I’m tired of my lack of non acceptance of myself. I am who I am. Like it or not. I’m in my mid40s. I honestly don’t care about your approval anymore. I’m beginning to wonder if God approves of me and if it matters. I think it does. I think what matters more is self approval. That’s the beginning of loving and accepting yourself. Maybe this voice will be altered once I get there.

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