Spirituality and Flow

Dragon, Angel, Unicorn Spread

IMG_20180607_222907The dragon card was AA GABRIEL’S DRAGON! ❤❤❤❤ Archangel Gabriel coming in bringing purification. Letting us know that we can carry his diamond. Self discipline will speed Ascension and bring more joy into our lives. He is known as the writer’s archangel who inspires and guides during the writing process. Often Gabriel can be perceived as female or as a neutral gender. This white dragon brings illumination and clarity into all situations.

IMG_20180607_222923The angel of clairaudience popped up reminding us that we are receiving Divine guidance in our mind through repeated phrases, recurring numbers, songs, books, titles, recipes, etc. Also the angels whisper Divine ideas to you that are loving and supportive such as, you may want to do try this or perhaps this choice will serve you better. They will also lead you on trails and paths. Follow step 1 and step 2 will come after you complete step 1. Their guidance is always loving, reassuring and gentle but can be pressing and urgent, if applicable.

IMG_20180607_222934Invisibility urges us to be seen, heard and understood, at least by someone. In these trying times, it’s important to have a go-to person or people in times of need. Seek out like-minded friends for support, love and companionship. Also, share with them your talents and abilities. Like the reiki master here, summoning a reiki energy ball to energize something, you too can become a master and then give your gifts for healing and love to the planet and your friends. This master in the painting also has an owl and a unicorn. His otherworldly and Earthly friends are beside him as he works to send positive vibes. Remember, you’re not alone. You have people who love you and who are there to give you their wisdom, magic and Presence.

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