Spirituality and Flow

Transformational Growth

As we approach Mother’s Day on the 13th and the New Moon on the 15th as well as Uranus in Taurus on the following day- there are mystical, magical energies afloat. This is preparation time for what is coming and what is coming is evolutionary transformation, beauty, growth and transcendence. All this is happening very naturally and with intention your transformation can become even more accelerated. Become who you are. Become the you that you are meant to be- free, flowing and fine. Ask yourself: what is it that I most want to do to serve in this world? How can I most help where I am, with the skill set I have? Then relax and visualize and allow. Open yourself to the various scenarios that unfold before you. Ask: which is my higher self most in alignment with and where do I feel the most love and passion? What feels good? Then, as always, follow your heart and intuition. They are your allies and guides here to serve you on this journey and they are your compass toward right action and next steps. Ask them to guide you and give you the courage and strength to see things through to completion. Ask your spirit council and ascended masters, such as, Jesus, to connect with you and grant you their clarity, love, vision and wisdom. Ask Jesus to be with you in this life if you’d like. He is a powerful healer, teacher and compassionate friend. There are many other ascended masters equally powerful such as Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Buddha and Krishna. But the God of all God’s remains. It is the Source of all creation and perhaps this Source connection within is the  love and intuition you connect to when you listen to your guidance and inner voice. Keep connecting to Source and watch yourself grow in the days and weeks ahead. Spring is springing forth this year!

And so it is. AMEN.

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