Spirituality and Flow

Blushingly Full


This Full Moon I am feeling the water of emotions and letting them flow gently through my physical body. The seeds I plant now will be watered by these emotions and grown throughout the year. I set my deepest desires into the depths of my heart space, opening to myself and Source, becoming courageous like internal warriors do. What is it that will most nourish me and those around me? What will be the next most self compassionate task to take on? How should I respond most lovingly to myself and others? How do I show up in the world and do I want to? What can we do to work more effective and efficiently together? How can things in the day-to-day flow more lovingly and cohesively with more conscious intention and compassion?

These are my questions I bring to meditate upon with the moon, and so many more personal and inquisitive ones. Self questioning. World questioning. Community and family questioning.

We must question to seek solutions and pink is such a lovely color.

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