Spirituality and Flow

Aries SEASON and a Blue Moon

Bright, brisk and a bear. I have cried, shook and sighed my way through the long Winter season only to find Spring springing Her head out so quickly making my head spin this strong Aries SEASON. We feel the strength of women everywhere joining together in spirit and solidarity, finding forgiveness and making merry.  Search the web for “Aries Season 2018” and you will see the incredible movement of Spirit underway. I have seen nothing like it in my time. The fact that these celestial events are now being covered and acknowledged by so many gives me hope, a new kind of faith and makes me feel even more empowered and part of something special. It makes the dawning of the light come into view and sheds new skin onto our path.

For this season, I took my daughter to the local new age store and asked her to pick out a few candles. She choose the healing and good health candles. So for Aries SEASON, we are focusing on healing and wellness. I’m also praying this Lenten season the Psalms and the prayers of Saint Therese.

Here’s some links to describe the Aries SEASON:

Astro Style

Mind Body Green

There’s also a Blue Moon on Saturday. No more Blue Moon’s until 2020 after this one. Read more here.




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