Spirituality and Flow

Spring Altar

My ritual work has always centered around an altar of some sort. Even now looking back, it’s hard for me to recall what my very first ever altar was or how I got started doing it. I know my altars have been in bookshelves turned sideways, bookshelves right side up, in a gun case morphed into a jewelry display/altar, on chest of drawers, on the floor; in my bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage and just about everywhere in between. Essentially I view altars as a way of creating Holy Space. Since there is no space that is NOT holy, an altar is everywhere~ awaiting it’s positioning. I especially love altars that are created from complete scratch with total imagination. I adore windowsill altars. My altars are seasonal in their themes and have been for probably a decade. Despite that I don’t keep supplies usually, other than some altar cloths, and gifts with sentimental value. Since I’ve lived in this apartment for the past 7 years, I have made my kitchen my designated altar area. I take that back. It is my WORKING ALTAR. My FIXED ALTAR is in the living room. That one stays put and holds energy. It doesn’t change as often. The kitchen one is like a floor altar only I’m sitting at my kitchen table, instead. I’ve recently recreated a floor altar in my room however things need to be moved around to fit better. The point is that a floor altar is coming back into my life! If you aren’t sure what altars are or how to create them, have a look HERE.

Here’s a picture of my Spring, 18 Kitchen Altar:


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