Spirituality and Flow

Crystal Angels

Well, I did it. I bought the Crystal Angels deck. Why? Mainly because I love the art by Marius Michael George. But I also love crystals.

The deck is ok. I have other crystal decks I prefer like Rachelle Charman’s Crystal Reading Cards: The Healing Oracle.

Doreen Virtue no longer uses most of her oracle cards bcz she says she became addicted to using them and now practices abstinence from them. Yet, she does use certain decks for contemplation only.

She recently posted a Q&A video where she explained some of the top questions asked of her. While she says she is being transparent, I still feel like I’m confused about her. It seems like the more she explains herself, the more confused I become.

I love Doreen and am really wanting to root for her. My prayer is that she finds a new Christian publisher that will work well with her new views, that her old ranch will sell to the perfect new owners, and that she is blissful in her retirement and receives all the blessings she is seeking. I want nothing but the best for her as she wants nothing but the best for her people.

I just find it so hard to let go of old Doreen who was so much stronger, wiser and unapologetically herself. But things and people change. I’ve been saying the serenity prayer a lot these days.

This has taught me not to hold on so tight to teachers, to personalities, to way showers. To look more in the mirror and question myself more than others. Perhaps that is what is triggering people. They have to look at themselves and their own shit. Find out where they stand, who they are, what they believe. Get to the heart of the matter and be that. In this tough, crazy world, that’s no easy task. Especially when you’re in the public eye. Sorry Doreen for being rough on you. I wish I could give you a hug.


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