Spirituality and Flow

Unicorn Affirmations

  1. Aspiration: The unicorns support my aspirations.

  2. Birth: I expect new and wondrous things to arrive in my life.

  3. Blessings: I send unicorn blessings to everything and everyone today.

  4. Choices: I listen to the unicorns and make wise choices today.

  5. Closeness: I know my unicorn is close to me.

  6. Dignity: I am calm, strong and dignified for my unicorn is with me.

  7. Divine Sight: I see the divine in everyone.

  8. Feather: I look for a message from my unicorns today.

  9. Flight: I use my imagination to expand my visions.

  10. Freedom: My unicorn is setting me free.

  11. Future: With unicorn help I have the power to create a wonderful future.

  12. Help: The unicorns are helping me.

  13. Honesty: I act with honour and integrity in all things.

  14. Hope: I look for rainbows ahead.

  15. Intuition: It is safe to act on my intuition.

  16. Indivisibility: It is safe to let people recognise me for who I truly am.

  17. Laughter: I make light of my challenges.

  18. Magic: I expect magic today.

  19. Manifestation: I will do something to help others today.

  20. Moving: My unicorn is helping me to move forward.

  21. Mystery: I am looking for the unexpected.

  22. Openings: I seize all available opportunities and make my own.

  23. Perspecitive: I look through unicorn eyes.

  24. Prompting: I reach out with an open heart today.

  25. Prosperity: I accept all prosperity with joy and gratitude.

  26. Rainbow: I expect beneficial outcomes.

  27. Seeking Good: I am looking for the positive in my life.

  28. Service: I seek that which satisfies my soul.

  29. Soul Purpose: I act from my heart today.

  30. The Silence: I am finding time to be still and quiet today.

  31. Surprise: I look for a surprise today.

  32. Wisdom: I act with wisdom today.

  33. Listening: I quieten my mind and listen to my unicorn today.

  34. Soul Satisfaction: I do that which satisfies my soul.

  35. Wishes: I focus on my unicorn wish today.

  36. Mother Mary: I am open to divine blessings.

  37. Archangel Michael: I stand in my power and help others with integrity.

  38. Archangel Uriel: I spread peace today.

  39. Archangel Gabriel: I am clear about my next step.

  40. Archangel Raphael: I am open to receiving healing and abundance.

  41. Pegasus: I open my heart today.

  42. King of the Unicorns: I act regally.

  43. Queen of the Unicorns: I act with wisdom and compassion.

  44. The Christ: I love everyone unconditionally.

Affirmations from the Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

mother mary

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