Spirituality and Flow

Forever Blessed

This land is not yours it belongs to our future children (if anyone) and to the source of all creation guiding our spirits home. The drum is being pounded on, hearts are beating so quickly now. The assault is evident and everywhere. But I remember the vision of light and the dawning of a new day. They both come through darkness. We look to the ancestors, teachers, shamans and mystics to guide us. Their wisdom points our own arrows in the right direction but ultimately we must take the final aim and let go to hit the mark. The same power that resides in them, lives in us. If we look deep within we can see that it has been there all along.

I’ve made some big mistakes in life. Things I’m not proud of or happy with. I’ve broken hearts and unfortunately have led people and myself astray. I was wrong and I can say I learned from those experiences. I learned what not to do. I learned how not to conduct myself. I learned that the straight and narrow is usually the most reliable path. I got closer to Source in those moments. It was during times of struggling that I came to rely on Spirit.

It is my belief that a new world is emerging. One where understanding, compassion and love are the guides.

The old world will fall away. None of it will be stable enough to last. The starseed children will be building a new paradigm and a new vision of unity, progress and global peace on Earth. Karma will be balanced and humans will transcend into a higher dimension and frequency. All of this will happen easily and effortlessly as the old falls away. We will see and experience Grace in a new and profound way.

My prayer for all of humanity is that we may come to know the love and peace in our own hearts and transmit it to the world around us. May we heal ourselves and then each other. May we believe in each other and the power of prayer. May love heal and enlighten us all. May your dance with the cosmos be brilliant.

May you forever be blessed and a blessing.

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