Spirituality and Flow

Rainbow Reiki Mandala

Step 1: Exactly define, at best in writing, the purpose for which you want to lay a Rainbow Reiki Mandala.

Step 2: Go to your sacred energy spot. Touch the Earth and give it Energy for 5 minutes then, give yourself energy for 5 minutes.

Sing for the subtle helper forces of the site: hey Loa, Key Loa, Ma-Na-ho, Lo (9 times). Request the natural forces to accept, protect and guide you. Explain what you plan to do.

Then, be guided to the objects for the mandala. Give each object reiki before picking up.

Step 3: Go to where doing mandala. Give reiki to heart and forehead chakra. Feel into where to place objects via reiki.

Step 4: Attune into mandala by one hand on forehead and one on heart.

Thank items, bow to it.

Thank love and light.

Thank Heavens and the Earth.

And So It Is.


From Walter Lubeck’s Rainbow Reiki: Expanding the Reiki System with Powerful Spiritual Abilities

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