Spirituality and Flow

Today We Sway

Today we move like mountains in the sand, making a way for our people. We progress in a natural rhythm to beats heard across the city. I cry in my heart a loud and aching pulse for your heart to find mine somehow. But then I recall that I gave up on that bloodline a long time ago and I gently whisper a prayer to the Universe: forgive me and set us free. Let love save us all. Let me find my soul family in this lifetime and love on them hard. Teach me to love and not tough love but giving, gentle, compassionate, tender love. Smooth over my rough edges and soften me. Let me be loving to myself and bring the energy of the Divine Goddesses into my life. Empower me and make me strong. Heal me and make me whole. Touch me and make me move. Feel me and make me connect. I want to know if you feel it too? Did you sway today?

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